Trust the F.A.C.T.'s - Fortney Auto Center Technicians

        Get the repairs you need 7 days a week with our Simple Appointments, Affordable Rates & Friendly Services! At Fortney Auto Center, our ASE Certified Technicians provide you the knowledge you need to make an informed and safe decision about your vehicle. All-around automotive service, maintenance, and repair every day, even Sunday! We make Oil Changes, Brakes, Tune Ups and other routine maintenance "Simple, Friendly & Affordable."  


    Our company was founded on the idea of helping everyone who needed car and truck repairs. Even if your strapped for cash, your vehicle recieves the same service as the Big Chain Shops w/ a mindful understanding of your pocket book. We come up with a plan together to keep you safely on the road.


With Fortney Auto Center we match skill and affordability with great customer service and repairs done right. At Fortney Auto Center, we understand people don't just choose to put off repairs. We know there may be obstacles in the way. Our Simple Services are designed to help you break through those obstacles by getting the repairs you need done and we won't try and oversell you on the ones you don't need. Schedule your appointment today!